Day 2

Why is cos cos so good? I made some last night and boiled it in chicken broth. I'm eating some reheated cos cos right now.
Oscar Review: Hugh Jakaman is genius. I loved most of the things he did, although some did not like the singing and dancing. I'm really bummed now that I missed the year that he hosted the Tonys. The only bad part about the show was when the High School Musical so called actors came on during the musical montage and started singing their excuse for show tunes. I mean, seriously? Do you have no dignity academy? I would understand if there was a strong percentage of Fifth Graders that watched that late into the Oscars, but many of the American population does not even stay up long enough. That was a very big WTF? moment for me. Another issue is Robert Pattenson. Does he not take showers? And seriously, dude, your vampire movie is over, wipe that smoldering look off your face. I could understand it a bit when he went to introduce the Romance 2008 montage, because he was supposed to represent Twilight. However, he still had the look when the zoomed in on Micky Rorke when he was being nominated for best Actor. A few things that could have been going through his mind:
"Micky Rorke's neck looks like a steak, yum"
"I bet thousands of girls are squealing at my non-washed hair"
"That should have been me, I was a lead actor. In a film."
"I wonder if I incline my head down I won't be able to smell myself"

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